From the bottom of Hu Tou Mountain came Hoya Spa, located in a remarkable place of Rui Shui, Hualien County that produces outstanding people. This spring is reputed as Kingly Golden Amber Spring. For the Chinese people, “Hoya” is a legendary god that protects their children, fills their house with tranquility and wealth. Hoya Spa, possessing the fusion of the riches of the land and the attributes of its name, will bring its guests the blessing of peace, fortune, a sound mind and a healthy body.

Hoya Spa was established by Lin Chang Kui in November of 2001 and completed in April of 2003. Mr. Lin, a local born of Rui Shui, found the place being abundant in natural hot spring yet with is traditional make up cannot satisfy the present demands of spa goers. Because of his desire to return its favor to the local residents, he set up modern spa equipments, constructed a high quality resort. He also hoped that by coming to Hoya, the guests could enjoy the local products, magnificent landscape, combined with various activities such as: rafting at Siou Gu Luan River, biking with the scenic view of the country’s rich produce of canola flowers and day lilies.
Hoya offers not only relaxation and enjoyment of the finest spa experience but also causes its guests to embrace the majestic view of Rui Shui that they may have a full taste of the country and experience a rich, comfortable and unforgettable stay.

An enjoyment of a matchless satisfaction is what Mr. Lin desires for every guest of Hoya Spa.


The elegant Hoya Spa is situated at the bottom of the Mountain Hu Tou, adhering to its principle, offers its guests warmth, comfort and relaxation just like coming home.

The elegant residences are conceptualized from Japanese landscape and design, there are 23 distinct rooms available, and each room is furnished with a personal jacuzzi, and not only so, the guests are also entitled to enjoy the Spa’s many facilities, which will allow them to view the blue sky, the evening sky and the beautiful landscape as they are enjoying a relaxing hot spring experience. The main hall at the ground floor can also be used as dining and conference halls.
Walk into the cozy room, with its refined but generous furnishings, that will let you experience this well deserved rest.

No.101, Shiang N. Rd., Jui-Shiang Villaget, Jui-Sui Township Hualien country, Taiwan R.O.C
TEL:(03)887-5505 FAX:(03)887-6600